Arroz y Habichuela - Rice and Beans

Arroz y habichuela are rice and red beans in particular to Caribbean Latinos, but rice and beans could mean many different types of bean to people from different parts of the world. They range and can be broad beans to the red, green, pigeon, black eye etc but at the end of the day they provide nourishment to keep most of the world functioning. Even though beans are relatively inexpensive to grow and harvest they diminish in importance to those that need it most in the drier environments because of the scarcity of water needed to cook bean (not including string beans). String beans are usually any beans taken off the vine just before ripening to be eaten green. At this stage the beans inside the pods are pretty tender and tasty already. When left to mature and ripen on the plant then the beans become true seeds as well as individual beans that will need moisture in order to be palatable.
This in particular is medium grain rice plant with red pinto beans plant.
The owner of this planter here should be able to eat a first meal in about 2-3 months.
This string bean is ready to go, but most likely will be harvested as dry beans.

Another shot of the Superhero - Rice and Beans!