Tropical Reserve & Economical Education

Tropical Reserve & Economical Education (T.R.E.E.) aims to Reinvigorate the connection with all that is Natural and Balance our lives with fresh plant based Scents, Flavors, Nutrition & Energy.

As people including our kids detach themselves from the understanding of where food comes from they also lose the true value and respect that should come naturally for what nourishes us. Food is seen as another thing we just pay for at the store that simply satisfies our immediate cravings. There's a disconnect when we look at obesity, heart disease and/or lack of energy as separate issues versus understanding their inter-connectedness and how eating habits lead to the emergence and the riddance of these states of being.



If you're not watching out for your health & well-being who is?

We wanted convenience and so that is what we've accomplished. Others making food/nourishment decisions easier for us, but they come at a price!


We feel Education is the most important tool and that’s why we started T.R.E.E. The Agricultural system in the United States for example has created a standard of value for farmers and that is to get and grow MORE, FASTER and BIGGER, not necessarily TASTIER or HEALTHIER in order to enhance quality of life. There's always a battle for balance of scales. And so this business model has been successful at growing the industry and supply itself by producing more, but ultimately when this type of business model is applied to the food we eat then what we get is MORE bland food, FASTER and the detriment to our health. We become so narrowly focused on productivity and economic efficiencies that we lose sense of purpose. Nourishment.

We're not saying that it is all bad, but the fact remains that the lack of knowledge to make a well-informed decision exist whether because of a lacking education, language or other reason. This is something that is supposed to be an essential right of every being and so we will continue to support making colorful, affordable, flavorful & healthy eating habits and decisions as easy as any drive-thru value menu!

"We have a long journey back into our gardens, forests and jungles. When we do get there we will have carved out a clear road that will support making flavorful, affordable, healthy eating habits and decisions as easy as any drive-thru value menu!" - Jose A. Peña