That's Chocolate.

  Happy 12/12 2011. Here is some advice to help make your days happier. Get your hands on some quality chocolate like "Michel Cluizel - Noir au Grué de Cacao". I found it at Whole Foods. It's a dark chocolate that I just tried for a second time. It's stated to be no less than 60% with cacao bean pieces in it, which gives it an awesome crunchy and nutty mouth-feel. It is almost perfect to me and I wish you all can experience your own satisfaction of enjoying a few pieces of dark chocolate after a meal for example. Versus having a Snickers for brunch on the run. I love Snickers andKITKATs, but regardless, the quality and taste is unparalleled and to have thousands of chocolates to choose from... Oh Life is good.

Just make sure it's a darker chocolate and if it has got pieces of cacao in it then it'll really lend you it's antioxidant and nutritional potentialities. Enjoy. I will.