Hibiscus and its Many Variations

Not only is it one of our favorite and most beautiful of tropical flowers but it is also very economical and useful in several ways. It is known that Filipino children have used the Hibiscus flower as a resource for passing the time and blowing bubbles with friends and family. Its petals are crushed with a rock or other hard tool in a bowl, add a bit of water and the soapy residue extracted from the flower petals can set off a serious bubble blowing session.
My mother and her friends used to seek out these Hibiscus beauties over in their small villages in the Dominican Republic, but they used to seek them out for their tasty yellow pollen.
In Mexico and many other Latin American countries a juice is made of the flower and it is called Jamaica. You can also find teas made from the hibiscus flower which are loaded with anti-oxidants and vitamin C, can aid in decreasing blood pressure, increasing immune system efficiency, supporting good digestion and said to help relieve muscle cramping an stomach aches.
Here's some more Hibiscus pictures from 2013 blooms.