Kajari Melon Harvest 2015

Thanks to Joe Simcox the Botanical Explorer who was offering these seeds at this year's San Francisco Flower and Garden show in San Mateo. The original seeds came from India and had a red dye color to them warning of a toxic pesticide that had been added in order to transport them into the country. This way no insects could hitch a ride with them. In most countries it is added to avoid them being eaten by ants and other wildlife when planted.
We only had container space at the time, but since then we have planted a few more in the ground at our Belle garden where they have over 1000 square feet to expand in. They started slow in the containers with over 9 hours of Summer Sun. In the end the vines grew a little over 6 feet long with just 4 small tennis size  fuzzy fruits. The first container fruit slipped off of the vines in the past couple of days after about 85 days, a little longer than the 70 average days listed and slightly larger than a tennis ball. The smell was a strong nectar like sweetness that almost gave me a headache. Incredible! You'd think it would taste like honey. The skin was thin, bright, soft and fuzzy. The inner flesh was juicy, green, thick and sweet like a honey dew melon. Can't wait to get more abundant and larger harvest for the next round. Over 40 seeds in this small melon, but plenty of flesh. Check out the pics!