San Francisco Flower & Garden Show March 19-23, 2014

Bean Art

Small scale simple compost
Collection of some of the beans collected from all around the world.
It's that time of the year again for the SF Flower & Garden Show though we always look forward to all the shows. Folks definitely put out their best for cities like the Bay area specially in this industry. As busy as we have been made this a crucial starter plant voyage as well. We finally decided on the Fushimi Japanese pepper and the Italian Sweet Bergamo pepper, which are both slender looking sweet to mild peppers, great for frying or fresh eating. Also purchased 3 tomato seedlings: 'Green Giant', 'Indira Ghandi' named after the third Prime Minister of India and the 'Gold Nugget' a said to be super sweet cherry tomato for the little ones. They're also all 'Biodynamic certified'.
There's some great seminars lined up with inspirational speakers like the Botanical Explorer Joseph Silcox and his brother Patrick Simcox as they recount their stories and journey's throughout the world searching for historic, rare and endangered edible plants. You can also catch them at the Baker Creek Heirloom seeds booth. They are giving away fresh heirloom seeds, rare seeds, books and other resources and make sure you grab the limited edition 2014 Baker Creek Seed Catalog. Just behind them you will also see a smaller, but just as awesome booth to the right of Baker Creek where a gentleman sells seedlings of Mangoes, Moringa, Tamarind, Cherimoya, among others.  That's all just one corner of the 2014 SF Flower& Garden Show..
We at the TREE center have had the pleasure of nurturing over 500 Neem seeds fresh from India in the last couple of weeks as well as over two dozen Philippines mangoes as we prepare for our trip there in April 2014, but always have time for all the action at the 2014 SF Flower & garden show. You too can have it all in exchange for $20 (U.S.) Entrance, $15 9 9U.S.) after 3pm and $12 (U.S.) for parking.

Wattles being used for urban gardening. Plant anywhere.
 Beautiful baby powder scent from purple flowers / Flores morada con olor a polvo de niño
Vertical gardening continues to be popular
Some of the seeds we were blessed with / Las semillas gratis

Black Corn with cotton / Maiz negro con el elgodon
Natural dark blue Cotton seed / Semilla de algodon tinta azul natural

The San Francisco Flower and Garden Show 2012 Visit

My daughter and I were blessed enough to visit the 2012 San Francisco Flower and Garden show in San Mateo. I was excited, I don't know if my daughter knew what she was getting into, but it was awesome as it was almost four years ago the last time I attended. I remember the lady I purchased our Vanilla planifolia (Vanilla) from as well as our Dischidium pectinoides (Ant plant/Kangaroo Pocket plant) from. She was still there in the same booth space and it was a pleasure chatting with her about my experiences since I purchased those plants form her. Great energy, Great time!
This is a great event to visit for those interested in nature, gardening etc at all levels. From the children's area, to expert seminars, talks, and of course the Marketplace where you can buy everything from seeds and tools to trees and trainings. The only negative marks come from the price of parking ($12), which is over half the cost of a regular adult all day entrance ($20), but the learning experience, people you'll meet and great bargains if you've done your research are worth it in my opinion. If it wasn't raining as heavily I would have taken public transportation, which I do recommend. Enjoy the pictures.

Awesome succulent display by Succulent Gardens.

Best price for biggest, healthiest plants for the price. Thanks Sweetwater Nursery!

Some of the most beautifully pleasing displays simply made up of sexy succulents!

Here is a little succulent display action from Succulent Gardens.

Children's area - 'Sproutopia'

California natives displayed in their natural background with California graffiti.