2014 NorCal Horticultural Trade Show Swoop In

The TREE center swooped into the 2014 Horticultural trade show in San Mateo, CA and wanted to update you on some of our fresh findings.Of course our long time solid favorites were here to greet and chat it up with us like our buddy Doug from Four Winds Growers. We had a nice conversation about the Australian Finger Limes. We're looking to getting our hands on some cool varietals with pink and salmon colored juice vesicles. Kellogg Garden Products was there as well. Thank you to Rex Lamb the Territory manager for spending some time to chat with me and my co-worker Mori from Home Depot. This is the main organic brand you will find at most Home Depots.

As well as some new favorites we are still getting to know like Ms. Dawn Fluharty the NW Regional Technical Manager for ArborJet who' s tagline is "Revolutionary Plant Health Solutions" and they have done some stuff with a powdered extract of Neem making it more readily available, soaked up and viable in the long-term. She showed me some technology where they can inject any solution through the plants vascular system, so it is a systemic method taken up immediately and retained for longer within the system. We will be looking more into this in the near future. Cool stuff so far.

We learned a bunch of tips and tricks on grafting Loquats and Avocados from the folks at Laverne Nursery and saw many many more products with the addition of Mycorrhiza.