TREE center: Fruit Filled

Had this old post here and never published for some reason. The following is from July, 2013 bring published today October 2014. 

#1. Strawberries - They were the tastiest of all fruits we grew last year (Albion, Sequoia & Fresca)
#2. Blueberries - Jubilee, Misty and Sharpblue species
#3. Apples - Multi-grafted tree with 5 different apple branches (Braeburn, Gala, Granny Smith, Fuji & Jonagold apples)
#4. Banana - Cavendish type. Same type we buy in the stores
#5. Plantain - Giant Plantain form Puerto Rico.
#6. Finger Lime - Australian wild citrus recently discovered

Since then: 
The strawberries are going randomly now in several places and can't remember what varieties made it. Blueberries are almost completely suffocated by tomatoes, but have produced sine fruit sparsely. The Apple is thickening but nothing vigorous yet and just a couple of fruit each of the last two seasons. The bananas have come and gone. None ever fruited, but the Australian Finger Limes did and very profusely. They just need some shade for next season so the sun doesn't damage all of the fruit.
Giant Plantain / Platano Gigante

Apples Tree / Arbol de manzanas

Various Blueberries and strawberries / Varias Fresas y arandanos

Various Blueberries and strawberries / Varias Fresas y arandanos

Finger Lime / Arbol de naranja ' de dedos'

Blueberry flowers / FLores de arrandano

Strawberry flowers / Flores de fresas

Blueberry flowers / Flores de arrandano

Small banana pup growing from Mama / Pequeña matita de guineo creziendo con su Mama