Receiving Your Plants from the TREEcenter Nurseries

Here is the inside scoop on the packaging, shipping methods and directions for opening up your packaged plants once delivered.
Most plants if grown from seeds will come in a 2 1/4" starter planters:

We use all organic "soil-less" mix. We start with fresh sterile compost from our local municipal recycling program here in Santa Clara County, CA then we may add Perlite, Canadian Peat Moss and/or Sand. The percentages of each will depend on the species of plants, it's water needs and preferred optimal growing environment. Cacao plants for example will have a higher Peat Moss content to hold more water, where as most Palms will get more sand for a heavier mix to help keep the taller plants in place as well as supporting better water drainage. Neem and Spanish Lime/Limoncillo's will have a higher rate of Perlite and sand as they are more prone to issues if left in an environment that is too moist or water-logged.

Then we add some moist newspaper and tape to hold it all down. Your box with plants should be clean of soil spills. Plants are then wrapped in newspaper to give them some protection from the outdoor elements as you can see below.
Wrapped plants with some space left open for fresh air circulation.
Then well secured to their shipping box.

Then stuffed with crumpled newspaper on the edges again to support a warm and stable environment in the box as well as helping keep the plants in place. Last you will notice arrows on the outside of your delivery box. If there are no arrows on your box just lay it flat with shipping label facing upwards.

1. Hold your box with arrows pointing up (or shipping label facing up) before you attempt to open.
2. Pull designated tabs to open box or force flaps open, which are self-sealed with sticky glue.
3. Once inside the box take out all crumpled newspaper. Plants in small flat rate boxes are usually packed tight enough that no news paper fits or is needed.
4. Remove as much tape as you can and make sure the box lays flat on its side
5. Follow same directions as #2. and open other end of box
6. If you can not see complete wrapped plants and all tape then try to cut down the side of the box in order to get a good view of plants then remove all tape.
DO NOT attempt to just forcefully pull or push plants out or off of the box without removing all tape in order to avoid damaging the plants.

If ANY damage occurs, please contact us ASAP @ for methods to save the plants and or next steps to make sure your plants Survive and Thrive. We do everything in our power including providing FREE support and advice for every plant until we are all sure plants will remain healthy and continue to Thrive in their new home with their new caretakers.

NOTE: Palm Trees may have a slightly different box and shipping setup but ultimately the same methods apply. Trying to remove as much of the tape and other contents before removing plants form their secure locations.