Under the Chocolate Umbrella Part II

Experimenting with different soil organics under the Theobroma cacao canopy - It was exactly two months ago that the first part of this experiment was presented. We started 3 cacao (chocolate) seeds in FoxFarm's Ocean Forest potting soil. One was left in the Ocean Forest soil only, the 2nd received a 1/2 teaspoon of Great White - Mycorrhizae, while the 3rd sample was supplemented with Native Nutrients 100% Mushroom Compost.
After only 2 months of growth we have noticed some measurable results.
Our control cacao plant in only potting soil had much more vigor and growth than the sample with added mycorrhizae. Mycorrhizae does not supply any nutritional value so as of this month we will be adding fresh potting soil on a monthly basis along with the continued supplement of 1/2 teaspoon of mycorrhizae and growth will continue to be documented. The control cacao did NOT receive any added soil until this month, so if the mycorrhizae has any effect, then it should illustrate itself in its sample for it is the only variable between the two.
Cacao with mycorrhizae supplement
Control cacao with only Ocean Forest soil
 The mushroom compost seemed to have a positive impact on its cacao sample. It shows the most significant growth in thickness of stem, deepest green leaf coloring and significant noticeable root growth. The only noticeable negative was considerable leaf burn. There was also some noticeable leaf damage on the oldest leaf only of the mycorrhizae fortified sample and NO leaf damage at all for the plain Ocean Forest soil sample. Interesting, but I have no clear reasoning for this yet, but it one effect being observed and documented.
The sample with added mycorrhizae is about one leaf behind the others and most of its leaves are smaller even they all germinated and have grown pretty consistently with each other until we started this experiment. We will keep an eye on this most wonderful economical plant. There is so much more to be learned from it.
Cacao sample with added mushroom compost

Mushroom compost view 2

Mycorrhizae sample view 2
Control cacao sample view 2
Root growth exhibited only by mushroom compost sample