The Tropical Reserve & Economic Education Center (T.R.E.E.)

Welcome all to the Tropical Reserve and Economic Education Center or better known as T.R.E.E. for various reasons. This effort was partly spurred on by my personal on-going horticulture and botany studies supporting the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers. The SF Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park is one of the first wonders you'll see when entering through Fell Street, which turns into John F. Kennedy Boulevard inside the park. Though this blog is not about the S.F. Conservatory we do strongly recommend everyone visit because were it not for its energy none of this would have been possible. I am also a docent there so I can go on and on about this most classic Victorian piece of paradise. Many plants have also been donated by SF COF to T.R.E.E. while others were grown from seed, cuttings or purchased as immature plants. 
The SF Conservatory of Flowers
I have been growing plants ever since my first memories of getting dirty with pigs and chasing fluffy chickadees around our land. That was almost 30 years ago when I first remember visiting my family in the northern countryside of the Dominican Republic (island of Hispaniola) even though I'd been told I was traveling to and fro ever since I was born. Flash almost 20 years later in life while growing up in Queens, NY I remember waking up one early dawning morning from a most wonderful dream that took place back on the tropical island and I never ever had felt such a saddening disappointment about being physically in NYC and not in D.R., but I learned one grand lesson. I am deeply connected to that place and I feel the need to support it with my passion for its tropical nature. Well, I should also state that the need to educate our growing population since it has been ballooning exponentially in the last 200 years is also another factor that comes into play. Some numbers: Approximately 500 million people on planet Earth in the year 1650, 1billion people in 1850 (pop. doubled in 200 years), 2 billion in 1950 (pop. doubled in only 100 years), by 2000 our world population was estimated at 6.4 billion (tripling population in the billions in merely 50 years) and we await any day now as, "Crowded, stretched world awaits 7 billionth baby". Per Reuters reports on October 25, 2012.
Back to what's important...tropical nature and of course all of its capabilities to clothe, shelter and adorn us. All the unknown and of course obvious medicines provided by them, the nourishing qualities from seeds and roots to flowers and fruits and oh yeah almost forgot about it's role in purifying our air, water and effect on climate! Preserving these qualities to pass on to our offspring and sharing the beautiful stories of the people fortunate enough to have them in their life experiences. That is why the Tropical Reserve & Economic Education Center exists today! Check out some images below from the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers.
Lilies in bloom in the Aquatic gallery.

The Splendid Stilt Palm maturing quite nicely.

Heliconias looking for some action.

Aquatics Gallery: Lower pond.

The Ipe wood display cases in the Highlands gallery.